The Sabbath Day

The Sabbath day is a controversial subject in the Christian world today. But this is nothing new, as the Sabbath controversy has been raging for thousands of years. The 'Great Controversy' between Christ and Satan has been a long battle, and what has this battle been over? Worship! Satan wants the worship and adoration that only belongs to God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. And while he is happy that the majority of the world is entertained by sin, he hates seeing Christians worshiping God alone and keeping the law of His universal government.

What day is the Sabbath? Should we keep the Sabbath? These questions have dominated debates for years. So it is our hope and prayer that we can clearly answer these questions for you and come to a solid Biblical truth concerning the Sabbath day, throughout this website.

But just think about this for a moment, before you look into this important issue. What is a relationship built upon? It is built upon love and spending time with each other right? And what did God give us in order to spend special time with Him each week? The seventh day Sabbath. Now Satan wants to destroy our relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son. So what could he do to achieve this? Destroy the very time that God set aside for us to spend in special communion with Him.

We are not seeking to be like the Pharisees. We are seeking to be like Jesus.

It is our hope and prayer that you will let God lead you in His truth as you search through this website. Do not be influenced by man, or even us. But compare what you read with scripture and let the Spirit of God show the way. May you be richly blessed as you allow God to lead you in the truth.